Follicular unit extraction (FUE), often referred to as the follicular transfer (FT), is one of two main methods of obtaining follicular units (groups of one to four hairs on the head) for hair transplantation.

Another similar method is known as the strip harvesting. In FUE harvesting, separate follicular units are extracted directly from the hair restoration patient’s donor area, usually one at a time. This is different from strip-harvesting because, in strip harvesting, a strip of skin is removed from the patient and then disarranged into many separate follicular units. The follicular units obtained by any of these two methods are the basic building blocks of follicular unit transplantation (FUT). Using this technique, each individual follicular unit (FU) is being taken directly from the scalp, rather than from a strip of donor tissue that has been removed from the scalp (See FUT). There are many advantages and disadvantages attributed to either of these techniques. In general, FUE involves no suturing as well as considerably less post-operative discomfort. But it has mostly gained popularity amongst those who often wish to have short haircuts, that are less than 2mm in length. That’s because, as opposed to the classical “strip” technique, it does not leave a linear scar in the donor area of a patient’s scalp.

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The current techniques allow hair restoration to be an essentially undetectable procedure once the transplanted hair grows in

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Quicker Recovery, More Grafts, and No linear Scars with Automated FUE

Compared to manual FUE, automated FUE devices allow more hair grafts to be harvested in a single surgical session It should be noted there is a possibility of small multiple areas of donor area hypopigmentation seen in certain skin and ethnic skin types.

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