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Advantages of a Hydrafacial with LaVie:

  • Simple, non surgical procedure 

  • Whole treatment takes 40mins or less

  • Safe and reliable results

  • Very quick results

  • Beautiful and above all glowing end results for your skin



Hydrafacials are not just for making your skin beautiful and glowing bu for long-lasting results...

We utilize an exfoliation technique with a tip paired with a release suction to remove any dead and unwanted skin from the surface of your beautiful face.  The non-invasive and really simple technique provides for results that are unmatched. The goal is let you leave our office with skin that you wish you had sooner. Truthfully our technicians are highly skilled and performs this procedure with the utmost diligence. In removing the deadskin we couple it with a moisturizing serum to protect and leave your skin in top condition after your treatment. 


The current techniques allow hair restoration to be an essentially undetectable procedure once the transplanted hair grows in

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We are proud to offer the most advanced techniques in Michigan and have been recommended by RND as the best Cosmetic Consultant in the State. 

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Our highly trained clinics teams are certified and specialize in specific procedures. In doing so, we ensure the hands that operate will execute in prospective manner. 

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We priortize our patients when in performing procedures. Our highly trained clinics teams will provide the best care prior to procedure as well as post procedure.

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HydraFacials and Treatment Time

WE offer sevearl packages and different uses of treatment. The goal is to tailor your procedure to your demand.

We tailor your procedure to your demand the goal is to meet your needs. Our consultation can provide you with support in meeting your facial goals through our 40min sessions.  248-895-6227

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