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What is Mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy is a non-surgical cosmetic solution that is necessary for cell growth and the production of healthy hair. The process is natural and actives cell growth through the production of fatty acids and amino acids.



  • Promotes thicker, stronger, and healthier hair

  • Stops the progression of hair loss 

  • Stimulates the rejuvenation of hair follicles promoting new growth

  • Rehabilitates damaged hair follicles

  • Increases volume 

What is BIOTIN?

Biotin is vitamin H in layman's terms and provides for the improvement and structure of the hair. The activation of lipid synthesis provides for remedy to hair loss and greying. The goal with this treatment is to naturally provide for your hair without having our clients to buy the product themselves. We eliminate the error of at-home therapy and provide experienced hands with a vitamin to provide for your hair growth. 


The current techniques allow hair restoration to be an essentially undetectable procedure once the transplanted hair grows in

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We are proud to offer the most advanced techniques in Michigan and have been recommended by RND as the best Cosmetic Consultant in the State. 

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Our highly trained clinics teams are certified and specialize in specific procedures. In doing so, we ensure the hands that operate will execute in prospective manner. 

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We priortize our patients when in performing procedures. Our highly trained clinics teams will provide the best care prior to procedure as well as post procedure.

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BIOTIN and Treatment Time

BIOTIN Mesotherapy is done at our office and will be tailored to your needs.  248-895-6227

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